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Thank you for visiting my site and thank you for taking the time to 
read just a bit about me, and about the kennel history. 

I  started my journey into the Siberian huskies in 1996, when a female named Aklavik Jennifer came into my life. In 1998 a group of people, including myself, registered a kennel named Spassuk Valley under FCI No 34/99. Up until the summer of  2001 I was managing Spassuk Valley, I took care for most of the dogs, and handled some of them at the show ring. However due to a number of circumstances I had to register a new kennel name. The name approved by FCI was X Ni Ra under FCI No 04/01 - a name that today stands for a small family owned facility.

We take breeding seriously and do it selectively, taking our time to follow up results. We truly believe that breeding dogs is a responsibility that should involve knowledge, understanding, love and care. Our future plans are to breed on limited basis. The most important element of my breeding program is dogs' health. X Ni Ra is the first Bulgarian kennel ever to X-Ray their breeding stock for Hip Displasya and to have them regularly checked for hereditary eye diseases (PRA, Juvenile Cataracts, Corneal Dystrophy). Furthermore we are trying to stay as close to the breed standard  as possible. Starting with the dogs temperament (friendly, gentle, alert and outgoing), we like our dogs medium-sized, with body length never too long, well muscled, correct angulatinon, free in movement, and beautiful heads.

We also believe that Siberian huskies were meant to work in harness, and as of this winter we've formed a small amateur recreational team. Here I would like to say a big thank you to Fastrk Registered Kennel, Canada  for giving me my first lessons into this great sport.


 -Luba Zivkova
Sofia, Jan 2002






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