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All the information found on this site is the sole opinion of the site's webmaster, e.g. my personal opinion. The webmaster did not intend to violate the constitutional rights (or any other rights) of any person - individual or entity.
If you feel that your rights have been violated or you could prove that the information provided within these pages is incorrect, please e-mail me a request to remove the offensive or incorrect material, and if I agree with you I'll remove it as soon as possible.
The information provided on this site concerning dog care is gained form my personal experience and the educational materials I have read during the past years. If you disagree with it or you consider that it is not correct please let me know.
This site does not promote any entity as dog food brand, breeder, club, association, or medical product. You should research each of the entities mentioned on the site and choose the one most suitable for your dogs and you.
The design of this website, all the graphic materials, and the content you find inhere are creations of mine, if not specified else. I have spend lots of my spare time in reading  and researching, as well as in designing this site to make it available for you to enjoy. Please respect my work and if you wish to use any of the materials or graphics inhere just e-mail me a notification.  

- Luba Zivkova 


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