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There are several good books and many articles (on the net as well)  describing either in detail or briefly the Siberian Husky as a breed. Here I've summarized few of the information I've read together with my personal experience in a short list of the breed's general characteristics. 

1. Intelligent individual. The Siberian is an extremely intelligent dog, who is very well aware of is needs, interests and who follows his instincts despite your commands, because he knows exactly what he wants to do. He is curious, because he wants to find out as much as possible abut the surrounding area, objects, animals, humans... He explores to satisfy his curiosity. As a result he'll run away - no matter how well trained is he, as long as the stimulus is strong enough, he will destroy property to check out what's hidden in there or just for fun, and he'll become the sweetest angel if he wants you to do something for him. 

2. Fearless. The Siberian has no fear of cars driving by, of larger dogs and/or animals, as well as of humans. A Siberian, who minds his own business  might be easily hit by a moving vehicle. Having no fear and driven by his hunter instinct he attempts to hunt down not only small animals, but large ones as well that could hurt him, such as cows and horses. Not only he does not fear humans, but he seeks their contact,  and a runaway Siberian might not want to come to you, but will be willing to walk up to a stranger and take the ride he's offered.

3. Athlete.  One of most important qualities of the Siberian husky that makes him valuable sledge dog is the fact that he is tireless, as he accumulates a lot of energy with smaller portions of food. And if he is not performing on a team, he needs to exercise this energy somewhere else. So he needs to run, to dig, to play...

4. Social. The Siberian loves company. He loves human company and he loves company of other dogs, preferably Siberians. One of my Siberians craves so much human attention that he sits on my husband's lap just like a cat. They need to feel loved, and we the owners have to satisfy that need. However if  a Siberian is left alone, especially a young one, he is able to think of various way to entertain himself. 

5. Friend, who has to be understood, respected and loved. He is not a guardian and will not protect neither you nor your property, he will shed, he will get your house messy, and will try to trick you. But none of this matters because he is a loyal friend who is always there for you.

There is much more one could write about this beautiful breed, but I am really trying to keep it short. It is not easy to manage your life, when you share it with Siberians, and if you wish to bring one home please research the breed, talk to owners and breeders, make sure you could handle one. People would fall inlove with the cutest Siberian baby, take it home where it starts doing its stuff so they begin looking for a new home to place it. Some manage, some don't but  get rid of the dog any way. Because of lack of knowledge for the breed some do not manage to train their dog, and at decide that can't take it any longer when the dog is matured. I've seen it happen. 
Never forget, however, that the Siberian husky's primal purpose is to be a Work dog, therefore upon proper training, correct  owner's attitude and at mature age he will become the agreeable companion and the willing hard-worker described in the standard.

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