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General Information

Territory 110 993,6 km2 
Population 7 973 671
Capital Sofia
Official language Bulgarian
Political system Parliamentary Republic
Official BG Holidays    March 3rd National Holiday
May 1st Labor Day
May 6th Gergyovden (St. George's Day)
May 24th Cyril and Methodius Day (Bulgarian Literacy Day )
September 6th Unification Day
September 22nd Independence Day
November 1st  - National Day of the Bulgarian Revival Leaders

National currency

Lev [BGN]
Fixed Currency Exchange Rate at: 1 EUR = 1.955830 BGN
Notes and Coins -
Measures and scales  the metric system
Time zone GMT +2

Demographic data (as of 01.03.2001):

Population 7 973 671
Men 3 888 440 (48.77%)
Urban Population 5 500 695
Population growth (%)  5,1

National Symbols:

[State Coat of Arms]

[National Flag]

[National Anthem]





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